Beomjun E&C’s global leading patented technology, SU+ Admixture, offers a unique way to improve concrete and asphalt, and create more eco-friendly products out of Sulfur and other refinery byproducts.

SU +


Breakthrough high-performance concrete technology that overcomes current concrete problems with cement concrete and asphalt concrete additive (SU+) manufactured using sulfur and DPCD as by-products of crude oil refining and petrochemical processes

Modified Sulfur Cement Concrete Additive (SU+ C100) Brochure DOWN

  • Resource recycling

  • Doubles the durability

    Water tightness, chemical resistance
  • Antibacterial properties

    Excellent antibacterial properties of SU+ C100
  • Ease of use

    Available in powder form at room temperature
Use of Beomjun E&C’s Concrete Additive SU+

Modified Sulfur Asphalt Concrete Additive (SU+ A100)

  • Waste recycling

    Use waste tire powder
  • 30% cost reduction

    Reduced use of SBS compared to products of the same class
  • Improved physical & chemical performance

    Resistance to moisture and fatigue cracking

Protect Black Ice(PBI) Brochure DOWN

  • Eco-friendly

    Calcium chloride 0%
  • Long-term use

    in a single construction

About Beomjun EnC

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  • Technical Report
  • Certificates
Beomjun E&C is an eco-friendly company leading green growth which developed a new technology on using and processing concrete and asphalt additives for which it has got approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Government of the Republic of Korea and Virgina DOT (Dept. of Transportation) of US, by modifying waste sulfur, an industrial by-product generated during the process of petroleum refining.


    • 2022.12. SU+ admixture approved and added to the Material Systems DB by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation in US
    • 2021.06. Confirmation of venture companies
    • 2021.05. Selected as the '2021 Green New Deal 100 Project' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    • 2020.12. Attract investment from S-Oil, an oil company in Korea
    • 2016.12. Small and Medium Business Performance Certification, No. 15-1468 [SU+ Admixtures]
    • 2016.08. Trade name changed to Beomjun ENC Co., Ltd.
    • 2013.12. Won the Grand Prize in Patent Technology in the 2nd Half of 2013
    • 2013.02. Acquisition of NET (New Excellent Technology) for construction
    • 2011.12. Acquisition of NET (New Excellent Technology) by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    • 2011.08. Acquisition of Quality Management System Certificate
    • 2011.06. Registration of license for packaging construction (Seocho-11-14-01) Registration of license for Facility maintenance business (Seocho-11-29-05)
    • 2010.06. Trade name changed to Hanmi ENC Co., Ltd.
    • 2009.06. Venture Business Registration
    • 2009.04. Factory Establishment
    • 2009.04. Accredited by the Corporate Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    • 2008.04. Women's Enterprise Registration
    • 2006.04. CEO Yoon Min-joo inaugurated
    • 2005.09. Acquisition of utility model for Nano TR Lightweight Concrete Soundproof Wall
    • 1999.10. Acquisition of license for metal structure, window construction business(Mapo-99-11-02)
    • 1999.09. Addition of construction of earthworks and steel structures
    • 1999.01. Establishment of Company – Soundproof Wall Installation Business

Introduction to the Excellence of SU+

Technical Report conducted by a government-affiliated agency ( Korea Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., Korea Airports Corporation Republic of Korea Air Force, etc.)

  • Korea Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Korea Airports Corporation Republic of Korea Air Force, etc.